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PE Session!!

For PE today we got to learn some awesome Rugby skills!!  We had the fantastic Selena come in from Counties Manukau to teach us a few skills. Our focus was particularly about tackling (safely of course) all of us had a really fun time! 

Here are a few photos from today 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This week we did some more learning about Team Work in Room 13 as we thought there was so 
much more that we could do with with it. 

We decided to make posters in out Cooperative Learning groups. The aim of our poster was to cut out pictures and words from magazines which symbolises "team work" in order for us to complete this task we all had a certain job on our table. For example 1 person would be the cutter, the 2nd person would be the gluer and the two others would be the ones that would go through the Magazines and find pictures.  This was a cool way for us to work in a team and we all got to have a team name! 

Miss Hamid then let us present our posters to the class because there were some questions that would make you think "How does that photo represent teamwork" 

Below are some of the work that we did :)
Room 13