Buddy time with Room 4

This year we have the pleasure to have buddy time with the Wonderful Miss Galt and her class Room 4. 
We meet every Friday afternoon in our class where we get to spend time with our buddies and acknowledge each others learning and end our week on a happy positive note!

Buddy time for us means having a little junior student we get to look out for through out the year as well as teach them about things that we learn in class. We enjoy getting to know them more and more and seeing them develop as the year progresses. 

During buddy time we share with them things that we have been doing in class, sometimes Miss Galt and Miss Hamid organises a fun Art activity to do, we sing and do just dance, go outside for a game or play some inside games and at the end of each buddy time the teachers always hand out Certificates to students as well as let US praise our friends or someone in particular that has demonstrated one of the 3 B's throughout that week. 

Here are a couple of photos from todays buddy time. Today we focused on Oral Language and with our buddies we got to stand up and share a few things about one another. 

Trey and his buddy Winston

Epiha with his buddy Adam

Toa with his buddy Roman

the lovely girls :)

Stretching Stretching!!!

Quick Game!!

Miss Galt handing out Certificates

Miss Galt handing out Certificates


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